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SafeConsume is a pan-European project to reduce the health burden from foodborne illness. UKHSA have led the work package to develop education materials for teenagers to promote behaviour change around food safety and hygiene. More information is available at the SafeConsume website.


A study has been carried out in England, France, Hungary, and Portugal to identify needs for educational material on food hygiene and safety, aligned to behavioural theory. Educational resources and training modules have been developed, and a number of papers have been written to document the process of development and results from the evaluation.

Young People’s Views on Food Hygiene and Food Safety: A Multicentre Qualitative Study
Teaching young consumers in Europe: a multicentre qualitative needs assessment with educators on food hygiene and food safety
Educating Young Consumers about Food Hygiene and Safety with SafeConsume: A Multi-Centre Mixed Methods Evaluation.
Evidence-based health interventions for the educational sector: Application and lessons learned from developing European food hygiene and safety teaching resources.


Four training modules have been developed for educators who would like to improve their knowledge and confidence regarding topics around food hygiene and safety. The modules were developed with teachers, and can be used as standalone topics, or as a course.

Food Hygiene Teacher Training

SafeConsume Educational Resources

Eight educational resources to teach teenagers (11-14 years) and young people (15-18 years) about food hygiene and food safety have been developed. These are designed as lesson plans, and include interactive activities such as a food hygiene debate kit, an animation on the food user journey, and a range of student worksheets.

Key Stage 3 (11-14) Teaching Resources
Key Stage 4 (14-16) Teaching Resources

Teacher and Training Resources available in 6 languages

Find out more about the programme, interventions developed, and accompanying research on the SafeConsume website. The education resources for teenagers and teachers were developed and evaluated with partners in England, Portugal, Denmark, France, Greece, and Hungary.

Resources available in 6 languages

Access food safety teaching material and training in the following languages: