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Superbugs demo 1


Superbugs, launched by the Longitude Prize, is an addictive action game that challenges players to destroy mutant bacteria until new antibiotics can be discovered.

The free and fast paced game aims to tackle the issue of antibiotic resistance as players aim to survive against drug-resistant bacteria and keep humanity’s precious antibiotics working for as long as they can.

How to Play

Players must stay one step ahead of the Superbugs to defend humanity against one of the biggest real-world threats we face: antibiotic resistant bacteria. Players do this by:

  • Killing bacteria with powerful antibiotics and watching them pop!
  • Fighting the rise of antibiotic resistance
  • Knowing when to use new antibiotics to beat emerging resistant bugs
Superbugs demo 2
Superbugs demo 3


Think you can take on the Superbugs? Then download the app now!
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