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Peer education is becoming an increasingly popular educational tool, both in schools and the community, due to the benefits for all involved. By acting as a peer educator and teaching others, you would develop key communication and social skills, confidence and an increased knowledge of the topics covered. It is also great to put on your CV! Students taught by their peers can identify with their educator, which allows the development of positive relationships and a greater level of trust between teacher and student.

Our e-Bug peer education lesson plan can be run in schools and adapted for students aged 11 and up. The lesson plan describes in detail how to run the lesson, including how to set up and deliver interactive activities. The activities focus around microbes, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance and vaccinations.

These peer education activities can also be adapted for other settings such as assemblies, youth groups and science festivals.

Download the antibiotic lesson plan here and plan how you can become a peer educator!

The vaccination lesson plan is coming soon!

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