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Enterococcus explained

Bacteria Combat

Bacteria Combat, developed by microbiologist Carla Louise Brown and Future Fossil Studios, is a fantastic app that teaches young people about the different types of bacteria that live in the human body and antibiotic resistance.

The amazing app plays as a thrilling digital card game, showing the battle between good and bad bacteria and the influence of antibiotics.

How to Play

Players must challenge the ‘Bacteria Bot’ using their unique bacteria card deck! Battle the ‘Bacteria Bot’ with:

  • 18 infectious bacteria.
  • 10 health boosting bacteria.
  • Bonus antibiotic and immune cell cards.
Antibiotics and Legionella explained
Salmonella, Shigella and Staph Aureus explained


Think you can take on the ‘Bacteria Bot’? Then download the app now!
Download the app on Google play here
Download the app on the App store here