World Antibiotic Awareness Week 12th-18th November 2018

World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) is an annual World Health Organisation campaign held in November, with European Antibiotic Awareness Day falling on the 18th November. Both campaigns aim to raise awareness of proper use of antibiotics and the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is an emerging problem worldwide that can be attributed to a wide range of factors. This includes not completing the prescribed dosage of antibiotics, the overuse of antibiotics in farming and industry and the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics for viral infections. Find out more on the ECDC and WHO website!

e-Bug WAAW activities

Social media campaign

Join us on Twitter and Facebook during WAAW while we run our exciting week long campaign keeping you up to date with antibiotic facts, resources and events. Follow us on twitter @eBug_UK and on facebook @eBugEngland.

Fun Kids Live series launch

e-Bug have collaborated with the popular children’s radio company Fun Kids Live to create a series of radio shows following professor Hallux’s journey to learn about the spread of infection and antibiotics. COMING SOON

Girl Guiding Gloucestershire

We are working with Gloucestershire Girl Guiding to bring the Beat the Bugs materials to life for Girl guides across Gloucestershire. On the 17th November we will be running an action packed activity day. Watch this space for a national e-Bug Girl Guiding challenge badge.

Antibiotics Quiz

Think you are an antibiotics expert? Test yourself on our quiz!

Enter the Quiz

Get involved with Antibiotic Awareness Week

The activities below can be used in schools, assemblies, after school clubs, community groups, brownies and scouts and at outreach events.

School lesson plans:

e-Bug Assembly Activities Pack

Create a gigantic sneeze down the middle of your assembly!

e-Bug student games:

Primary and secondary: Incorporate into lessons or homework, run at after school clubs or science events

Peer education

Activities for secondary school students to use to teach their peers or junior school students about microbes, hygiene and antibiotics.

Antibiotic activities for peer education for GCSE and A level students

Beat the Bugs

Run a community group for adults or children? Use activities from our Beat the Bugs pack to educate and raise awareness about antibiotics

Run your own activity!

e-Bug have a plethora of fun and interactive activities. Watch the activity demonstrations for inspiration for your own activity!

Videos and games

Click on the links below to see the videos and games.

Card games (Microbe Mayhem)

e-Bug have teamed up with Focus Games to create Microbe Mayhem, a top trumps collectable card game. The game provides an exciting introduction to microbes and helps students to understand a range of common microbes, some of which we meet on a daily basis! Email us for more information.


Social media toolkit

Make use of these infographics on social media or alternatively hang as posters in your school or workplace!

Click on the icons to download:

  • e-Bug myth busting facts click here:
  • e-Bug microbe mugshots click here:

For more social media resources visit WHO and EAAD

Posters to hang in your school or workplace

Click on the icons to download:

  • 6 steps of handwashing
  • Chain of infection
  • Beat the Bugs posters
  • Science show posters Chain of infection

Key Links:

Antibiotic Guardian:

European Antibiotic Awareness Day:

British Society Antimicrobial Chemotherapy:

Microbiology Society:

Also see the WHO activity map to see events worldwide!