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Use the links on the left to access and download each section of the teaching pack individually or click on the appropriate icon below to download the whole pack. This may take a few minutes.

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If preferred, many of the student handouts are also available as downloadable whiteboard presentations to limit the amount of photocopying required.

Visit the student site to see the range of interactive activities and revision guides accessible to students at home. All of the online resources have been designed to cover the same learning outcomes as the pack, and can be used to assist learning in a fun and interactive way.

This educational pack and support material supports the majority of recommendations for schools, educational and residential settings for children and young people in the NICE guideline on antimicrobial stewardship.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence January 2017

Campaign timeline

Our Campaign timeline details national and international health campaigns that run throughout the year.

This tool allows you to navigate through the months to see details of each campaign, as well as links to relevant e-Bug resources, to help you fit these campaigns into your lesson plans.

You can access it from this link: www.e-bug.eu/campaign

Fun Kids Animated Series

Join Professor Hallux and Nurse Nanobot travelling around the body in the Helitelibubble. Learn all about microbes, the amazing immune system, useful antibiotics, superbugs, how you can protect your body from infection using vaccines, and food poisoning.

You can access it from this link: www.e-bug.eu/funkids/index.html





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