Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections are on the increase, particularly amongst the young adult population. This section aims to teach students how sexual activity can lead to the spread of microbes and disease.

Students observe how easily potentially harmful microbes can transfer to the people you care about without either of you knowing. Students carry out a chemical experiment to see how many people can be infected unknowingly by unprotected sexual intercourse and how we can prevent this from happening.

A comic strip forms the basis of the extension activity. Each scene of the comic strip sees our two main characters, Amy and Harry, making some good and bad decisions. Students are encouraged to discuss just how wise these decisions are and how relevant they are to them.

The alternative activity aims to encourage students to develop accurate perceptions of the risk of sexually transmitted infections and develop skills in negotiating condom use. Using chlamydia as an example, it helps students to understand an individuals’ susceptibility to infection and the potential severity of its consequences through stories and interactive animations.


This lesson has been developed in partnership with the Studies in Adolescent Sexual Health (SASH) research group at Coventry University

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