Micro – organisms: An Introduction

Teaching Time: 50min

Target Group: Key Stage 3

Curriculum Links:

Science: Working scientifically; Experimental skills and investigations, Biology; Structure and function of living organisms, Genetics and evolution

PSHE: Core Theme 1 - Health and Wellbeing

Learning Objectives:

All students will:

  • understand that there are three main groups of microbes.
  • understand that they are found everywhere.

Most students will:

  • understand that useful bacteria are found in our body.
  • understand that microbes come in different sizes.

Some students will:

  • understand the key differences between the three main types of microbe.
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In this section students are introduced to the world of microbes, firstly by exploring the different types and shapes of microbes and later, by close examination of useful and harmful microbes.

Activities include:

  • Interactive learning card game that allows students to become familiar with the various types and shapes of microbes.
  • Research poster activity which reinforces student knowledge of microbial structure or the history of microbiology.

The video below demonstrates the use of the microbe card game activity.






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