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KS1 Resources

The e-Bug science show and corresponding Key Stage 1 resources cover multiple topics including, an introduction to microbes, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, food hygiene and antibiotics. Here you will find the lesson plans, worksheets, posters and activities for each topic.


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English National Curriculum:

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Spread of Infection
Treatment of Infection
KS1 Microbe Mania Duration: 50min View Lesson
KS1 Horrid Hands Duration: 50min View Lesson
KS1 Super Sneezes Duration: 50min View Lesson
KS1 How Clean Is Your Kitchen? Duration: 50min View Lesson
KS1 Antibiotic Awareness Duration: 50min View Lesson
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e-Bug is a free educational resource, operated by Public Health England, which contributes to the government’s ongoing action plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance. e-Bug resources make learning about microbes, antibiotics and the spread and treatment of infection, engaging and accessible.


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