This lesson is designed to introduce students to food safety and hygiene. Students will learn about the journey of food from shop to plate and how there are critical points where food hygiene and safety are key. Poor food hygiene can led to cross-contamination and foodborne illness.

Activities Include:

  • Food Journey animation to introduce students to the concept of cross-contamination and the principles of good food hygiene
  • User journey worksheet which can be completed individually, in groups, or as a classroom discussion activity.
  • 'Distractions in the kitchen' activity. This could open a discussion about the impact of distractions on food safety (Optional).

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand that there are harmful microbes in food that can cause food poisoning, where they can be found, and risks and consequences of food poisoning.
  • To understand cross-contamination and how it occurs and develop and normalise skills for good hand and food hygiene and preparation in everyday life to remain in good health.
  • To understand the chain of infection and critical points for food hygiene.

Activities Include:

  • Screen and speakers for animation
  • Printed student worksheets

Curriculum Links:

  • KS3: RSHE:
    • Health and prevention, Healthy eating
  • KS3: Science:
    • Living things and their habitats
  • KS4: Food preparation and nutrition GCSE:
    • Cooking and food preparation - The scientific principles underlying the preparation and cooking of food.