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KS1 Super Sneezes

This section focuses on the spread of infection, teaching students how coughs and sneezes can spread microbes over large areas, and how this can result in the spread of infection. This lesson perfectly complements the Health and Prevention element of the new RSHE curriculum for primary aged children.

  • Overview

What will you learn:

In this section students observe on a large scale how far germs are carried when they sneeze, and learn that covering your mouth with a tissue, or your sleeve (not your hand) can prevent the spread of infection.

Activities include:

  • "Super sneeze" experiment where students observe how far germs in a sneeze can spread and how to stop the germs from a sneeze spreading
  • "Super slimy snot" recipes and fact sheets
  • "Super sneezes" word search game

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn that there can be harmful microbes in your sneezes.
  • Learn that microbes can travel through the air.
  • Understand that if you sneeze into your hand you should always wash your hand afterwards.
  • Understand that microbes can spread to others through sneezes.
  • Understand that sneezes can spread germs a long way.
  • Understand that sneezing into a tissue, or into your sleeve (not your hands) is the best way to stop the spread of colds and flu germs.


  • Two tables to create a 'runway'
  • Pump action spray bottle
  • Face mask (optional)
  • Flip-chart paper or wallpaper lining
  • Gloves
  • Tissue

Curriculum Links:

  • Science: Working Scientifically, Living things and their habitats
  • English: Reading & Comprehension
  • RSHE: Health & Prevention
  • Mathematics: Comparing measurements
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