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KS1 Antibiotic Awareness

When, Why and How to use antibiotics can be confusing for many people. This lesson introduces the basic concepts of antibiotics, illustrating that they are only used against bacteria, and that they must be used with care.

Last Updated: 13 August 2021
English Antibiotic, Bacteria, Disease, Doctor, Illness, Infection
  • Overview

What will you learn:

This lesson demonstrates to students that antibiotics are special medicines that only work on bacteria. Students learn that antibiotics should only be taken if they have been prescribed by your doctor and you should take the whole course of antibiotics.

Activities include:

  • Test tube experiment will help students learn what antibiotics are and demonstrate basic concepts about resistance.
  • Fun facts on antibiotics fact sheet that allows the class to discuss key issues around antibiotics.
  • Worksheets where students try and help Amy through our maze, to reach her antibiotics at the chemists.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that antibiotics are special medicines that only work for some illnesses (bacterial).
  • Understand that you should only take antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
  • Understand that if antibiotics are taken, it is important to finish the course.
  • Understand that they should ever take anyone else's antibiotics.
  • Understand that bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.
  • Understand that antibiotics do not work on viral infections like most coughs, colds and flu.


  • Plastic pipettes
  • Vinegar
  • Phenol red indicator
  • Test tubes
  • Test tube holder
  • Water

Curriculum Links:

  • Science: Working Scientifically
  • English: Reading & Comprehension
  • RSHE: Health & Prevention
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