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Whilst antibiotics and other medicines can help us treat infections, vaccines are used to help prevent the infection from causing us harm.

In this lesson, students learn the story of Edward Jenner and his amazing discovery of the first vaccine to explain how exposure to relatively harmless microbes can protect us from deadly ones. The 'fill in the blanks' and 'answer questions' activities help reinforce the main points of the story.

The extension activity encourages students to recreate the story of Edward Jenner and his vaccine discovery through a fun play. Just think, if we hadn't discovered vaccines, over half of your students would not have survived long enough for you to teach them!


Explore the UK Childhood Vaccination Timeline


Compare the vaccination schedule in different European countries!

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control have created a tool to explore immunisation schedules across Europe. Compare the vaccination schedules between two European countries, or search for a specific disease and explore the vaccinations in many different countries. You can also search the scheduler by age group. Access the Vaccine Schedule here: http://vaccine-schedule.ecdc.europa.eu/pages/scheduler.aspx.