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Community resources:
Beat the bugs

Beat the Bugs is a six week community hygiene course aiming to increase awareness and change behaviour around antibiotic use

Beat the Bugs is a six week community hygiene course aiming to increase awareness and change behaviour around antibiotic use

Beat the Bugs course

The course comprises of six week community hygiene course aiming to increase awareness and change behaviour around antibiotic use. The course comprises of six sessions covering an Introduction to Microbes, Hand and Respiratory hygiene, Food hygiene, Oral hygiene, Antibiotics and a final session on self-care and action planning for the future. The resources can also be used as individual sessions.

Click to download the full Beat the Bugs course pack below. Word or PDF versions available. Alternatively you can download individual sessions under the session headings below.

Full Pack

Word PDF

Meet the Bugs

This session gives an overview of microbes. Participants are introduced to the world of microbes, firstly by exploring the different types and shapes of microbes and then, by discussing different useful and harmful microbes.

Spreading Bugs

This session gives an overview of the spread of infection including how microbes are spread through sneezing and how proper hand washing with soap can break the chain of infection.

Food Bugs

Participants learn how easily potentially harmful microbes on raw food can transfer to humans. The interactive quiz shows how to prepare food safely and the food labelling activity demonstrates what is meant by the food labels shown on foods.

Mouth Bugs

This session covers how to prevent tooth decay by demonstrating the importance of limiting sugar intake and brushing teeth twice a day. Participants can also look at the sugar content in foods and drinks.

Bug Busters

During this session, participants will learn what antibiotics are, when to take antibiotics and how to take antibiotics correctly. A demonstration will introduce antibiotic resistance and a participant activity will show how easily antibiotic resistant bacteria spread.

Know your Bugs

In this session, participants will learn how to self-care at home for common infections. The aim of the session is to empower participants to make decisions on their own health and to get participants thinking about their own antibiotic use.

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Department for Education Recommendation

The Department for Education have listed e-Bug in their guidance for education and childcare during coronavirus. e-Bug resources are recommended for teaching Infection prevention and control topics, including hand and respiratory hygiene.

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that schools, educational and residential settings for children and young people, use Public Health England’s e-Bug resources to teach about hygiene, infections and antibiotics. e-Bug supports implementation of NICE guidance on antimicrobial stewardship: changing risk-related behaviours in the general population (NG63).

e-Bug is a free educational resource, operated by the UK Health Security Agency. The resources support the government’s ongoing action plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance. e-Bug resources make learning about microbes, antibiotics and the spread and treatment of infection engaging and accessible.

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