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KS3 Food Hygiene: Educator Training

These training sessions - aimed to increase educators’ confidence to teach food hygiene and safety; have been developed within the SafeConsume project.

These sessions are designed as an information reservoir, where educators can choose the information they need for their specific teaching situation, without needing to read all the slides.

Any educator can use these sessions:

  • School teachers (Primary/secondary school teachers, science teachers, RSHE teachers, trainers, teaching assistants etc)
  • School nurses
  • Educators of community groups (youth groups, cadets, scouts etc)

Overview and Links

This Powerpoint provides educators with an overview of the SafeConsume project and where the Educator Training sessions link with the lesson plans and additional interactive activities. Suggestions of how to optimise the student resources when delivering food hygiene and safety lessons, are provided. An optional pre and post questionnaire is provided for each session, for educators to assess their own learning.

Click on the arrow for more information on each additional teacher training sessions

Session 1: Teaching food hygiene - An introduction

Session 2: Microbiological aspects

Session 3: Food labels

Session 4: Infection transmission

Curriculum Tags

Lesson Tags

Department for Education Recommendation

The Department for Education have listed e-Bug in their guidance for education and childcare during coronavirus. e-Bug resources are recommended for teaching Infection prevention and control topics, including hand and respiratory hygiene.

NICE Endorsement

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that schools, educational and residential settings for children and young people, use Public Health England’s e-Bug resources to teach about hygiene, infections and antibiotics. e-Bug supports implementation of NICE guidance on antimicrobial stewardship: changing risk-related behaviours in the general population (NG63).

e-Bug is a free educational resource, operated by the UK Health Security Agency. The resources support the government’s ongoing action plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance. e-Bug resources make learning about microbes, antibiotics and the spread and treatment of infection engaging and accessible.

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