This lesson builds upon students' knowledge of food safety practices. Students will be encouraged to discuss each food safety scenario in pairs or small groups.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand that foodborne illness can have severe consequences and does not contribute to strengthening the immune system
  • To understand the consequences of not following food hygiene rules at home, such as cross-contamination, and how to prevent this
  • To understand types of food labels and why these are important
  • To explain the difference between food safety and food quality
  • To understand the food cooked at home is not necessarily safer than food eaten at restaurants

Activities Include:

  • Five food safety scenarios for students to discuss

Curriculum Links:

  • KS3: RSHE:
    • Health and prevention, Healthy eating
  • KS3: Science:
    • Living things and their habitats
  • KS4: Food preparation and nutrition GCSE:
    • Cooking and food preparation - The scientific principles underlying the preparation and cooking of food.