The body has many natural defences to help fight against harmful microbes that can cause infection. However, in some cases, microbes can cross these barriers and enter our bodies. The majority of the time the immune system defeats any harmful microbes entering the body, however, in some cases the immune system needs help.

Antibiotics are special medicines used to treat bacterial diseases, such as meningitis, tuberculosis and pneumonia. They do not harm viruses or fungi. Some antibiotics stop the bacteria reproducing and others kill the bacteria.

In this lesson plan, students explore how infection prevention can avoid the need for antibiotics, and how our immune system will often fight off infection without antibiotics. Through the use of comic strips, students are introduced to the importance of only using antibiotics as prescribed by a doctor.

Learning Outcomes:

  • All students will:
  • Understand that most common infections get better on their own through time, bed rest, hydration and healthy living
  • Understand that if antibiotics are taken, it is important to finish the course
  • Understand that antibiotics treat bacterial infections only
  • Understand that they should not share antibiotics or other medicines that are prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional

Activities Include:

  • Main Activity:
  • Comic Strip
  • Extension Activities:
  • Antibiotics Flashcards
  • Word Mix Up

Curriculum Links:

  • Science:
    • Working scientifically
    • Animals, including humans (Upper KS2 only)
    • Health and prevention
  • English:
    • Reading and comprehension
    • Spoken language