DISCLAIMER: This pack was originally developed for use in community groups and so not all activities will be appropriate due to COVID-19 distancing guidelines.
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Use the Antibiotic Guardian Youth badge with your group and support better health and hygiene behaviours!

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The problem:

Antibiotics are special medicines that treat bacterial infections. However, bacteria are becoming resistant to our antibiotics making it harder than ever to treat infections. This is called antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics becoming less effective is one of the biggest threats facing us today because it can lead to more deaths and complications for people receiving medical treatment. However, we can act now to help protect these precious medicines, by making small changes to our behaviour to prevent infection and take better care of antibiotics.

Why should you run this programme?

Today’s youth are our future antibiotic prescribers and users; teaching young people is a key factor in reducing rates of infection and helping develop lifelong behaviours that will help ensure the safety of our antibiotics in the future.

Activity Pack

Click to download the full activity pack below. Word or PDF and Accessible versions available.

Expand for supplementary resources on each topic:


Microbe colouring in sheets
Microbe example sheets
Microbe mayhem cards

Spread Of Infection

Disease list
Six steps of Handwashing


Antibiotic scenarios – leader discussion points
Antibiotic scenarios
Antibiotic storyboard
Antibiotic storyboard discussion points
Word mix up
Antibiotic myth sheet
Antibiotic Amazing Amoxicillin Comic

Antibiotic Guardian Pledge

Make the pledge: Print the Antibiotic Guardian template pledge below or direct your group to make one online.

Get The Badge

We have FREE limited edition embroidered badges for order (30 max per group). You will just need to pay for postage and packaging fees.

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How many did you deliver the programme to?

What activities did you complete (pick as many as applicable)

Microbe Activities Spread Of Infection Activities Antibiotic Activities
Marvellous microbes Giant Sneeze Antibiotic Awareness experiment
How big is a microbe? Super slimy snot Resistant balloon demonstration
Magazine microbes Illness spreading game Antibiotic myths
Microbe mayhem (top trumps) Horrid hands Infected game
Soap and pepper experiment Stuck in the mud-chain tag
Food microbes Antibiotic resistant tag
Antibiotic comics and scenario

Did you complete the resource development section of the badge, and what did members develop?

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Information for leaders

Powerpoints to help you deliver the activities

Marvellous Microbes

Spread of Infection

‘Marvellous microbes’ and ‘Spread of Infection’ powerpoints and the videos below are courtesy of Clare Liptrott, Cub leader and lecturer at Salford University, Manchester.

Videos of the activities in action:

Want to learn more about antibiotic resistance?

Visit it the links below to find the latest information on antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic Guardian

Antibiotic Guardian leaflet

Keep Antibiotics Working

WHO – Antibiotic Resistance

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